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Week starting Sep 07, 2014

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Aug 07, 2014



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NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

High School:

I broke Alan Webb's HS mile record with a... well, if anyone is actually reading this, I guess I'll be honest:

XC 5K: 15:57

1500: 4:04.55

800: 2:01.05

400: 53.07


5000: 14:23.1 (Mike Fanelli Invite 2019)

Indoor 3000: 8:39 (@ Weber State indoor Track is 8:21 converted)

Indoor mile: 4:21 (4:17 converted, I ran this in practice lol)

Road race 10000: 32:23 (alt)

800: 1:58.53

400: 51.84h


Short-Term Running Goals:

Stay healthy and consistent over the next few months. Run sub 14:10 at the SF Distance Carnival on March 30th, get on the BYU track team, then travel again and qualify for regionals/run sub 14 in the 5K.

Long-Term Running Goals:

I want to continue running as long as possible. I don't feel a need to run marathons; I would rather simply be able to run 5Ks and 10Ks for much of my adult life and at least get in a few miles until I'm pretty old.


I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I served a mission in Rome, Italy from 2015 to 2017. I like chocolate shakes.

Miles:This week: 39.00 Month: 175.00 Year: 1154.00
Adi-zero Tempo 9 Lifetime Miles: 225.00
Saucony Ride 10 Black Lifetime Miles: 537.50
Saucony Ride 10 GreyB Lifetime Miles: 160.00
Total Distance
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

As if I was going to have a problem getting in mileage, lol. Today I did 10.5 miles at 6:30 pace with the team. 'I'm proud of myself that I couldn't even do that until my sophomore or junior year and now that's like an easy day. Then we went inside and did 4 strides before some plyo stuff and core and weird drills with hurdles and other things I wasn't used to. As a result my inner thighs were on fire afterwards. IR/IP 

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The workout today wasn't like brutal or anything. Maybe it would have been if I had gone harder, but I just didn't feel like I could. It was weird. Really quickly each rep I would start panting and my legs would feel worn out, but then during the breaks I felt fine! Oh well. We did a 3 mile warm up, then 3 by 2 miles with 4:30 recovery at Kiwanis park. It was pouring rain and there was massive puddles. Running up and down hills and making tight turns didn't help our pace either, but even though those things made me slower, the workout was actually pretty neat. I ran 11:05, 10:54, and 10:46. Those times weren't very good even for the conditions in my opinion but I hung with a group of guys and even beat a few of the runners on each rep. And it's not like the top guys anhillated be like I expected, as the fastest rep of the day run by anyone was 10:10, so that made me feel better. 3 mile cooldown. IR/IP

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10 miles today at 6:40 pace... felt pretty easy. A pain on the top of my foot got worse today but not enough to alter my stride or anything and after doing some research, I believe it is a minor thing that came from tying my shoes too tight yesterday, as opposed to a stress fracture, which would be awful. 4 strides. IR

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I don't really understand today... 3 mile warm up then a quick pre-race workout on a 400 meter grass oval. My perceived effort was WAY harder than my times indicated.... 3:46 1200, 2:25 800, and 64 400 with 2 min rest in between each. Not all out but still way harder than I hoped. 2 mile cool down. IR

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A little over 5 miles easy on the BYU Autumn Classic course to practice for the race tomorrow. I don't like running loops (which is what we will be doing), but it seems pretty quick. Also, we get to run almost a mile on the track! Plus Spencer Hanson lent me a pair of his spikes which are way better than anything I've ever been in. Hopefully that will make for an even faster race. I definitely need to redeem myself after running awfully last week. 2 strides.

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Great Race today! I ran 21:17 in the 4 mile at the BYU Autumn Classic. The guy who won ran 20:14 I believe, and the first BYU guy didn't go through until 20:21. I was pretty stoked to be so close to all my teammates, and not just be some scrub who gets last place every time. I beat two of the guys on the roster, the two other walk ons, and even a few guys from UCLA. I got 30th place overall out of 50. Three mile warm up and an extended six mile cooldown to finish mileage. 

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